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The Experimental Station Skins Industry (SSIP) was established in Naples to Royal Decree in 1885 . Originally, it is designed to meet the needs of the economy “local”, still mediated by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture.

In time, the SSIP has gradually expanded its fields of activity , adapting them to the needs of the entire tanning industry, to operate on a national and international scale . Currently he underwent a legal reorganization process taking as a result of the Decree Law 31 May 2010 n. 78 , initially in the form of Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples, and then build up, in December 2014, a new  Board of the National Research of Commerce of Naples Rooms, Pisa and Vicenza , which representative bodies within the main Italian tanning districts.




Kiton is a luxury ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothing company founded in 1956 as CIPA in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone, a fifth-generation fabric merchant, and Antonio Carola. Launched in 1968, the Kiton brand name is a derivation of the Greek word chiton, a garment worn by the ancient Greeks that the Romans later called a tunic. Antonio De Matteis is the CEO, and Antonio Paone is president of Kiton USA; both are nephews of the co-founder, Ciro Paone. The company’s motto is ll meglio del meglio più uno (“the best of the best plus one”).

Naples, Italy 1952. Mario Valentino opens his studio and ever since the headquarters of the company that has become a world leader in the manufacture of leather goods and by now an historic producer of shoes, accessories and haute couture.

The story has it’s origins at the beginnings of the last century, under the reign of King Umberto II of Savoy; Mario’s father Vincenzo was already famous in and around Naples and even further afield under the label “ Valentino”.

The choicest hides, expert workmanship and absolute care and attention to details could not go unnoticed neither to the royals of the House of Savoy nor to local aristocrats or international celebrities.

A griffe of extreme elegance and quality which taken under the young but genial wing of Mario Valentino, Vincenzo’s son and his entrepreneurial dream and with a workshop at his disposition is finally realised; freedom to create original designs and to be in the avantgard. Now daring, bright pink high heels vertiginous stilettoes made super femminine by the ingenious use of colour, cut and coupage…

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